Thank you for making All In for K-State 2023 a success!

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715 Gifts

In just 24 hours, the K-State family came together to achieve one philanthropic mission—to improve the financial futures of our students. Your gifts are already changing lives and setting the next generation of K-Staters on the path to financial success. Thank you!

Even though All In for K-State 2023 is over, you can still support the needs of K-State students. In fact, you can make a gift online any day of the year.

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All In for K-State's Impact

All In for K-State’s impact extends long after K-Staters come together to achieve its one important objective. Since our first All In campaign in 2019, K-State has continued to realize extraordinary outcomes. Learn more about the incredible results All In for K-State has delivered.

Cats’ Cupboard

March 27, 2019

$320,560 raised

1,436 gifts made

K-Staters went All In to decrease food insecurity among students by supporting the campus food pantry, Cats’ Cupboard. In the years since:

Cupboard acquired a new building with more space.

Financial and in-kind support for Cats’ Cupboard kept growing even after All In 2019.

Call Hall Dairy Bar partnered with Cats’ Cupboard to provide perishable items such as milk, ground beef, eggs and cheese. Companies like Continental Mills, The Kroger Co. and more created similar partnerships.

A professional organizer was hired to improve utilization of the pantry’s space.

Cats’ Cupboard now offers healthy perishable food, thanks to the purchase of multiple refrigeration units.

A signature gift from Charlie and Debbie Morrison upgraded the Morrison Family Director of Cats’ Cupboard to an endowed position, ensuring stable leadership for the food pantry.

Textbooks 2.0

March 24, 2021

$503,161 raised

1,135 gifts made

K-State rallied to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. The effort opened the door to important changes:

Multiple grants helped faculty convert their textbooks to affordable Textbook 2.0 alternatives. Books on subjects ranging from public speaking, French, digital leadership and macroeconomics were among those transitioned.

In the first grant cycle alone, the transition to alternative textbooks resulted in projected total annual savings of more than $750,000—a relief for approximately 10,500 students.

Students appreciate more affordable textbook options. According to one K-State student, “With the lower costs, it’s not burdensome to purchase these books. It feels like a privilege to have that kind of open access to read and learn from Textbooks 2.0 — this will change the future of education.”

Mental Health Services

March 23, 2022

$600,389 raised

1,202 gifts made

All In for K-State increased access to mental health services. Thanks to this generosity:

K-State students on all campuses can access 24/7 teletherapy services through the My Student Support Program. My SSP provides real-time support via phone or chat anytime, anywhere with no appointment needed.

All In donors helped expand the Bandana Project, a suicide awareness program that teaches people how to help K-Staters who are struggling. Bandana Project trainees learn how to immediately connect students in crisis with campus resources.

In the two months following All In, 275 students participated in the green bandana training, further expanding the reach of this life-saving program on campus. (The green bandana is a sign of stigma-free solidarity with those experiencing mental health concerns.)

The campaign funded professional development for all K-State therapists to keep them updated on the latest approaches to supporting today’s students, such as helping those on the autism spectrum transition to college and treating intensive trauma in single-session therapy models.

Financial Futures

March 22, 2023

$1,051,199 raised

715 gifts made

Donors supported efforts by Powercat Financial, K-State First, and Housing and Dining Services to increase financial literacy among all new students.

For the first time, All In for K-State raised more than $1 million!

Donors contributed to increase awareness of and access to the nationally renowned resources provided by Powercat Financial: free peer-to-peer personal financial counseling and other services that boost life-and career-readiness and reduce academic barriers produced by financial stress.

Powercat Financial was immediately able to double the size of its counselor team, establish a class for all incoming students, and add satellite service locations in high-traffic areas such as Hale Library and on-campus housing.

Demand for these services quickly extended beyond the current student body to include future K-Staters. In the month following the campaign, Powercat Financial received more than 200 applications for financial counseling from prospective students.

Questions about All In for K-State?

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