Rent, Groceries or Textbooks?

On March 24, K-Staters will come together to reduce the costs of textbooks with an innovative solution, Textbooks 2.0.

March 24, 2021

Join us in counting down to the big day!

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K-State’s day of giving allows K-Staters to come together for one day to achieve one bold objective. In 2019, we raised funds to fight student hunger through Cats' Cupboard, K-State’s food pantry. This year, we are throwing the book at the rising costs of textbooks.

What is Textbooks 2.0?

Textbooks 2.0 is K-State’s grant program that supplies up to $5,000 per course so that K-State faculty and instructors can develop or adopt inexpensive and high-quality digital alternatives to traditional print textbooks.

Students only pay $10 per course for class materials instead of buying an expensive textbook. This modest fee goes toward upkeep of the digital content and operation of the program.

Textbooks 2.0 gives students high-quality, faculty-authored and reviewed materials that are tailored to their class. These materials can be updated to reflect new knowledge, current events and new resources.

Secure, internet-based and accessible by laptop, tablet and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, course materials are as close as a smart phone and accessible at any time and as often as needed.

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